LiLash – the Final Update

Ok, so as you all know I’ve been using LiLash for the past 2 months, and I am loving it!!  My eyelashes are way longer than they were when I started.  It took about 2 weeks to start to see a difference, and now the length on them is very noticeable!  LiLash is the bomb.com.  Period.   And yes, I will keep this as part of my beauty regime.  The web site says that you can use it just 3 or so times a week once you have the lashes that you want.

I do have this in stock at the salon!  Come in and get yours today!

LiLash – after 2 months


LiLash – Before


The LiLash Update

Alrighty – so it’s been 4 weeks since my last LiLash post, and 4 weeks since I have been using LiLash. And, I have to say, this stuff is working!  My lashes are visibly longer, even without mascara.  I have been using LiLash every day, sometimes twice a day, so it’s just become part of my regular routine. I’ll do another follow up in about 4 more weeks and show you the final results!  I do have a few left in stock at the salon, it’s selling like hotcakes!

My lashes today…

Here’s my eyelashes just 4 weeks ago….